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"Why Superhuman Entrepreneurs Succeed Easier, Faster and More Often Than Everyone Else (And How You Can Become One Too)"

What you’re going to learn in this training:

WHY is it that a tiny fraction of entrepreneurs succeed easier, faster, and more often than everyone else, while the vast majority of entrepreneurs appear to be miserable, trapped and ineffective despite their best intentions (hint: it’s not your location, race, education, mindset, or connections)

The 2 Phases of Entrepreneurial Procrastination and how to recognize and overcome them

Why many entrepreneurs experience constant overwhelm, stress and anxiety in their businesses and how to eliminate these feelings from plaguing you for good

The 4 Pillars Of Superhuman effectiveness, productivity, and execution - and how you can install these pillars into your life overnight

Your Host

Peter Shallard

Peter Shallard is the Founder and CEO of Commit Action, and known by many as the “Shrink For Entrepreneurs”. Peter has been blogging about the intersection of business and psychology for over a decade and also working 1-on-1 as the confidante therapist and advisor to some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and startups. His clients have collectively raised hundreds of millions in venture capital, building companies valued in the billions. 

This recorded training contains a distillation of the best research that Peter has done in his tenure, his work with top behaviorial scientists, neuroscientists, psychologists at Harvard and NYU, as well as data from over 10,000 one-to-one phone calls his team has conducted over the years with real entrepreneurs.

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